Payment Links Report


Important Note

  • All reports are available for a maximum of 365 days from the present date
  • All reports support a maximum of 3 email IDs as recipients
  • All reports support three formats - CSV, XLSX, and JSON

Dashboard Endpoints


Payment links are URLs that allow customers to make transactions online by redirecting to the checkout page. Our customers can get this report by going to the Reports section.

How to download the Payment Link Report

  • Log in to the Dashboard
  • Navigate to Reports -> Generate Reports
  • Select Payment Links from the applicable dropdown list in Report Type
  • Select the report format
    • CSV
    • XLSX
    • JSON
  • Select the date range
    • From Date
    • To Date
  • Select the Bank Provider from the applicable dropdown list
  • Enter the email IDs to send the report
  • Click on the Generate Report button
  • A success message will be displayed
  • The recipients will receive the report download link shortly to the email IDs