Virtual Accounts Report


Important Note

  • All reports are available for a maximum of 365 days from the present date
  • All reports support a maximum of 3 email IDs as recipients
  • All reports support three formats - CSV, XLSX, and JSON

Dashboard Endpoints


It is a digital payment method that is created virtually for each customer. A Virtual Account consists of a unique customer ID number. Our customers can get this report by going to the Reports section.

How to download the Virtual Accounts Report

  • Log in to the Dashboard
  • Navigate to Reports -> Generate Reports
  • Select Virtual Accounts from the applicable dropdown list in Report Type
  • Select the report format
    • CSV
    • XLSX
    • JSON
  • Select the date range
    • From Date
    • To Date
  • Note: Provider Selection does not apply to the Virtual Accounts report
  • Enter the email IDs to send the report
  • Click on the Generate Report button
  • A success message will be displayed
  • The recipients will receive the report download link shortly to the email IDs