FAQs - Lending

What are the core problems Decentro is solving for businesses?

Decentro is focused on helping platforms go live with lending products without the hassles of having to integrate with NBFCs in the backend or worry about experience. All with a simple set of APIs or an SDK.

What is Decentro offering in its Lending product?

Decentro provides a complete white-label solution for lending, from the point of onboarding to disbursement and repayments. Decentro provides modular APIs that can be consumed as per the product of choice.

  • KYC & Onboarding
  • Credit bureau
  • Underwriting and rule engine
  • Penny drop and UPI ID verification
  • Disbursements
  • Mandate setup through UPI auto-pay and ENACH
  • Ad-hoc repayments through UPI collections

What is the benefit of using Decentro’s Lending module?

Decentro’s Lending module provides multiple benefits.

  • Full white-labelled SaaS platform
  • Modular APIs or SDKs that can be customised as per needs
  • Integrated with lenders in the backend
  • Handles all disbursements and repayments
  • APIs available for all modules and functionalities
  • Dashboard for monitoring everything

How is Decentro different from Finbox?

Decentro is a core SaaS platform. Decentro, on its own, doesn’t underwrite or disburse to customers like Finbox. Decentro powers the entire tech stack for platforms to launch lending products.

How is Decentro different from Juspay or M2P?

Decentro is not aggregating just BNPL players like Lazypay, Simpl, etc. Decentro is integrating with NBFCs in the backend who do the underwriting and Decentro acts as a conduit with the NBFC.

How will Decentro make money from this?

Decentro will make money primarily from the disbursements facilitated as well as the API hits made on the module. Decentro charges a nominal fee from the platform only to cover the effort and support for integration and operations.

Can Decentro configure custom rules and flows?

Decentro has a standard flow to start off with as part of its journey. Within the flow, Decentro can change the rules if the platform wishes to underwrite using a different set of rules compared to the default rules.