Face Forensics

Explore the Face Forensics sub-group within Decentro Farsight

Dedicated to facial recognition and liveliness verification, the Face Forensics sub-group in Farsight offers sophisticated solutions for identity authentication.

The Face Match API employs advanced algorithms for reliable facial matching, crucial for secure access control and compliance.

The Passive Liveness API enhances security by detecting and confirming the liveliness of faces during authentication, providing an additional layer of protection against impersonation and fraud.

This sub-group is instrumental in bolstering KYC systems reliant on facial recognition.

This sub-group has the following offerings:

  1. Liveness Engine: Focused on enhancing security measures, the Passive Liveness API employs sophisticated techniques to detect and verify the liveliness of a face during the authentication process, thwarting impersonation attempts and bolstering the robustness of facial recognition-based KYC systems.
  2. Face Match: This KYC API employs advanced facial recognition algorithms to compare and match faces against reference images or databases, ensuring reliable identity verification for secure access control, fraud prevention, and compliance with stringent KYC requirements.