Verify Aadhaar without OTP

Aadhaar Verification API Overview

The Aadhaar Verification API is a robust tool designed to facilitate seamless and secure verification of Aadhaar numbers, contributing to enhanced identity verification processes.

Leveraging this API allows businesses to integrate Aadhaar verification into their systems, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and bolstering the reliability of user information.

Request Parameters

The API request requires several essential parameters to initiate the verification process.

The reference_id serves as a unique identifier for the transaction, aiding in tracking and reconciliation.

User consent is captured through the consent parameter, while the purpose field allows businesses to specify the reason for Aadhaar verification, promoting transparency.

The aadhaar_number parameter contains the Aadhaar number that needs to be verified.

API Endpoint

The API endpoint is specified in the request, and users are required to include relevant authentication headers such as client_id, client_secret, and module_secret.

These credentials ensure the security and authorization of the API call.

Verification Process

Upon successful initiation of the verification request, the API returns a response containing a decentroTxnId for reference.

The overall verification status is indicated by the status field, providing a quick overview of the outcome.

A detailed response code (responseCode) further refines the result, with a corresponding descriptive message conveying the verification status.

Response Details

The API response includes a comprehensive set of data under the data key, providing in-depth information about the verification process.

This includes the detailed status of the verification, the verified address information, the age group (ageBand) of the individual, their gender, and a masked version of the mobile number (maskedMobileNumber).

The actual Aadhaar number (aadhaarNumber) is included and unmasked, along with indicators such as aadhaarExists denoting the existence of the Aadhaar record and aadhaarStatus indicating its current status (e.g., "ACTIVE").


Purging of Unmasked Aadhaar

As per the compliance and regulatory needs, the unmasked Aadhaar that is returned from UIDAI is immediately purged after the verification is complete.

An informative message field further elaborates on the outcome, such as confirming the presence of the record.

Response Key

The responseKey field serves as a unique identifier for the response type, aiding developers in the programmatic handling of different response scenarios.

For example, the "success_aadhaar_verification" key indicates a successful verification process.

Use Cases

The Aadhaar Verification API is invaluable for businesses requiring a reliable method for identity verification, particularly in scenarios such as bank account verification.

The ability to seamlessly integrate Aadhaar verification into applications enhances user experience, while the detailed response provides a rich set of data for downstream processes such as user profiling and compliance reporting.

In summary, the Aadhaar Verification API empowers businesses with a comprehensive solution for Aadhaar number verification, combining security, ease of integration, and detailed response information for effective identity verification processes.

Sample Request JSON

    "reference_id": "XXXXXXXXXX",
    "consent": true,
    "purpose": "For OTP-less Aadhaar verification",
    "aadhaar_number": "123412341234"

Request Mapping Table

reference_idStringUnique identifier for the transaction"acb12f2e-2e73-47d7-abe0-8c27d3ebd8b8"
consentBooleanUser's consent for Aadhaar verificationtrue
purposeStringPurpose of verification"For OTP-less Aadhaar verification"
aadhaar_numberStringAadhaar number to be verified"AB3456CD90EF93"

Sample Response JSON

    "decentroTxnId": "XXXXXXXXXX",
    "status": "SUCCESS",
    "responseCode": "S00000",
    "message": "Successfully verified aadhaar.",
    "data": {
        "status": "SUCCESS",
        "address": "KARNATAKA",
        "ageBand": "20-30",
        "gender": "MALE",
        "maskedMobileNumber": "*******123",
        "aadhaarNumber": "123412341234",
        "aadhaarExists": true,
        "aadhaarStatus": "ACTIVE",
        "message": "Record found."
    "responseKey": "success_aadhaar_verification"

Response Mapping Table

decentroTxnIdDecentro Transaction ID"D871D26379284A5FAE5FD4E550A2D8FE"
statusOverall status of the verification"SUCCESS"
responseCodeResponse code indicating the result"S00000"
messageBrief description of the verification status"Successfully verified aadhaar."
dataDetailed information about the verificationSee below
responseKeyUnique identifier for the response type"success_aadhaar_verification"

Data Fields (Inside Response)

statusDetailed verification status"SUCCESS"
addressVerified address information"KARNATAKA"
ageBandThe age group of the individual"20-30"
genderGender of the individual"MALE"
maskedMobileNumberMasked mobile number"***077"
aadhaarNumberVerified Aadhaar number"123412341234"
aadhaarExistsIndicates if Aadhaar existstrue
aadhaarStatusAadhaar status (e.g., "ACTIVE")"ACTIVE"
messageAdditional information message"Record found."