Advanced CKYC Download

Since the changes in Central KYC Registry APIs after v1.2 significantly reduced the occurrences of additional useful information in CKYC records, using CKYC Download alone for your onboarding might not be a seamless process, or in some cases, fully compliant.

The documents present in the CKYC registry need to be classified correctly and according to RBI's directions, expired documents in the CKYC registry can no longer be used as a valid KYC for onboarding a customer.

The Advanced CKYC Download Hyperstream solves all these problems for you. This Hyperstream can process the documents for a given CKYC record and add additional checks such as:

  • id_classification: This boolean flag checks if the image of the document in the CKYC Repository has been classified correctly or not. We use a combination of in-house of external providers to compute this.
  • expiry_date: The string value indicates the expiry date of the document, hence indicating to you if a document can still be valid to perform KYC while onboarding customers. We provide this information for passport and driving license documents.
Advanced CKYC Download Hyperstream Flow

Advanced CKYC Download Hyperstream Flow

Auth Factor

1 Date of birth in the format: "YYYY-MM-DD".
Example: "1993-03-29".
2A combination of the 6-digit pin code and the year of birth.
Example: "5600171992" where 560017 is the pin code and 1992 is the year of birth.
3A valid 10-digit mobile number of the person whose AADHAAR is linked with.
Example: "9001122339".

Sample Request & Response

    "reference_id": "DECXXXXXXXX",
    "hyperstream": "ADVANCED_CKYC_DOWNLOAD",
    "callback_url": "",
    "initial_input": {
        "id_number": "XXXXXXXXXXXXXX",
        "auth_factor_type": 1,
        "auth_factor": "1998-12-04"
    "progress_report": false,
    "checkpoint_results": false,
    "consent": true,
    "consent_purpose": "Documents to create a savings account"
  "decentro_txn_id": "XXXXXXX",
  "status": "SUCCESS",
  "http_status_code": 200,
  "response_key": "success_hyperstream",
  "message": "Successfully completed hyperStream",
  "data": {
      "id_type": "CKYC",
      "identity_number": "XXXXXXXXXXX",
      "personal_details": {
        "constituiton_type": "Individual",
        "account_type": "Normal",
        "ckyc_no": "XXXXX",
        "prefix": "XX",
        "first_name": "XXXXX",
        "last_name": "XXXXX",
        "full_name": "XXXXX",
        "father_prefix": "XXXXX",
        "father_fname": "XXXXX",
        "father_lname": "XXXXX",
        "father_fullname": "XXXXX",
        "mother_prefix": "XXX",
        "mother_fname": "XXXXX",
        "mother_lname": "XXXXX",
        "mother_fullname": "XXXXX",
        "gender": "MALE",
        "dob": "DD-MM-YYYY",
        "pan": "XXXXX",
        "perm_line1": "XXXXX",
        "perm_city": "XXXXX",
        "perm_dist": "XXXXX",
        "perm_state": "XX",
        "perm_country": "IN",
        "perm_pin": "XXXXX",
        "perm_poa": "XXXXX",
        "perm_corres_sameflag": "N",
        "corres_line1": "XXXXX",
        "corres_city": "XXXXX",
        "corres_dist": "XXXXX",
        "corres_state": "XX",
        "corres_country": "IN",
        "corres_pin": "XXXXX",
        "resi_tel_num": "XXXXX",
        "off_tel_num": "XXXXX",
        "mob_code": "XX",
        "mob_num": "XXXXX",
        "email": "XXXXX",
        "dec_date": "DD-MM-YYYY",
        "dec_place": "XXXXX",
        "kyc_date": "********",
        "doc_sub": "Certified Copies",
        "kyc_name": "********",
        "kyc_designation": "********",
        "kyc_branch": "********",
        "kyc_empcode": "********",
        "num_identity": "2",
        "num_related": "0",
        "num_images": "4",
        "permanent_address": "XXXXX",
        "corresponding_address": "XXXXX"
      "identity_details": {
        "Voter ID": {
          "identity_code": "Voter ID",
          "identity_number": "XXXXX",
          "identity_verification_status": "NO"
        "AADHAAR": {
          "identity_code": "Proof of Possession of Aadhaar",
          "identity_number": "XXXXXXXX1234",
          "identity_verification_status": "YES"
      "image_details": {
        "Photograph": {
          "image_code": "Photograph",
          "image_data": "<base64_data>",
          "global_flag": "GLOBAL",
          "branch_code": "SSLHO",
          "image_type": "JPEG"
        "PAN": {
          "image_code": "PAN",
          "image_data": "<base64_data>",
          "global_flag": "GLOBAL",
          "branch_code": "SSLHO",
          "image_type": "PDF",
          "document_classified": true
        "Signature": {
          "image_code": "Signature",
          "image_data": "<base64_data>",
          "global_flag": "GLOBAL",
          "branch_code": "SSLHO",
          "image_type": "JPG"
        "VOTER_ID": {
          "image_code": "Voters Identity Card",
          "image_data": "<base64_data>",
          "global_flag": "",
          "branch_code": "CPUR001BR",
          "image_type": "JPG",
          "document_classified": false