Overview & Guide

Engage Warp Drive and Boldly Go Where No FinTech Has Gone Before πŸš€

Decentro helps businesses simplify their onboarding journey with simple-to-consume APIs. Decentro works with multiple partners in the backend, thus giving a higher uptime and success rate than industry benchmarks. Decentro's KYC & Onboarding module broadly powers the following capabilities:

Workflows: Your Custom Workflow Engine ⚑️

KYC Workflows serves as a customised and extensible workflow engine. It leverages Decentro's suite of products, including Farsight, Identities, and Bytes, to provide financial institutions with a powerful tool for optimising their KYC and onboarding processes.

Farsight: Image Recognition and Machine Learning 🧠

KYC Farsight, with its advanced image recognition and machine learning capabilities, enables precise document forensics, classification, extraction, masking, and fuzzy matching. This facilitates enhanced document verification and compliance.

  • Extraction: This API allows businesses to extract information from a standard government-issued ID number and verify the same from its source repository as well (optional). Read more about this capability here.
  • Match Engine: This API allows businesses to check if two texts match by providing the texts in the request body which will give a matching percentage based on match. Read more here.

Identities: Integration with Key Repositories πŸ•΅οΈ

KYC Identities streamlines identity verification and information retrieval by connecting to crucial repositories such as UIDAI, CKYC, and DigiLocker. This ensures a reliable and comprehensive source of identity data.

  • Validation: This API allows businesses to verify a standard government-issued ID number from its source repository. Read more about this capability here.
  • Download Aadhaar XML: This API allows businesses to access Aadhaar related information of their customers without actually asking for the Aadhaar image. Read more about this capability here.
  • CKYC: This API allows businesses to access information of their customers from the CKYC repository, including CKYC Search & Download. Read more about this capability here.
  • DigiLocker: This API allows businesses to fetch files directly from DigiLocker for the customer and then they can be download using our APIs, including Aadhaar XML File as well. Read more here.

Use Cases: Tailored Solutions for Fintechs

Decentro's KYC & Onboarding Stack offers tailored solutions for diverse segments of the financial industry, promoting compliance and operational efficiency:

Banks: Regulatory Compliance and Efficiency

Banks can leverage our KYC & Onboarding Stack to streamline customer onboarding processes, ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements. This solution allows banks to direct their efforts toward exploring new financial opportunities with a foundation of compliance.

Lenders: Expedited Loan Approvals

NBFC lenders benefit from expedited loan application processing, as our solution eliminates manual verifications, leading to faster disbursements and an enhanced customer experience.

Up-and-Coming FinTechs: Competitive Entry to the Industry

Emerging fintech companies can utilize our solution to efficiently onboard customers and compete effectively with established industry players without being encumbered by complex KYC procedures.

NBFCs: Strengthening Operational Resilience

Existing NBFCs can enhance their operational resilience and efficiency by integrating Decentro's KYC & Onboarding Stack into their existing processes. This empowers them to thrive in the ever-evolving financial landscape.

A Strategic Leap Forward πŸš€

Decentro's KYC & Onboarding Stack is a pivotal tool for financial institutions, serving as a strategic leap forward in the quest for compliance and operational efficiency. By adopting our solution, financial institutions can confidently navigate the challenges of an evolving regulatory environment, ensuring they are well-prepared to embrace new opportunities in the financial sector.


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