Overview and Guide

This page provides a brief overview of Decentro's lending platform.

Decentro Lending Module simplifies consumer & SME lending by facilitating an entire end-to-end journey from sourcing to underwriting and collections and repayments. Decentro Lending Module is available as a collection of APIs currently, and will soon be available as an SDK.

To understand Decentro's Lending module, it's important that you understand the underlying APIs and their sequence, even if you decide to eventually use the Lending SDK, as a good understanding of the APIs and why the lending flow works the way it works lets you control your user flow better and hence improve your conversions.

Conceptually, the lending APIs are divided into two groups:

  1. Core APIs - These APIs are absolutely necessary to ensure the borrower progresses through the flow.
  2. Utility APIs - These APIs provide necessary information and context to your users at every step of the flow.



Have more questions? Feel free to browse through the Lending Module's FAQs document.