Batch Processes

This page gives you an overivew of Decentro's batch processing capabilities.


Decentro, as part of its payments module, provides various capabilities to handle features like payouts, collections, and recurring collections. While most of these capabilities work very well for one transaction at a time, they become challenging to handle when there are multiple transactions, such as payouts, VPA validation, account verification, etc. This can result in the platform having a sub-par experience and the beneficiary not getting the desired service.

Keeping this in mind, Decentro has designed its Hulk Platform that can take in tasks up to 1000s of records at a single time and process everything at its end without the platform having to work on writing scripts, etc.


Note: Decentro's dashboard will soon be having all of these features so that a platform can just leverage the same instead of these APIs.


Decentro provides the below capabilities in batch mode.

  • Batch Payouts: this is designed to help platforms undertake payouts to multiple beneficiaries without having to integrate the same into their system. The Batch Payouts can be performed by passing the input as csv or JSON
  • Batch Validate Bank Account: this is designed to help platforms undertake account verification of multiple beneficiaries before undertaking a payout.