User Verification - Response Keys

This page gives the list of response keys propagated by Decentro as part of the user verification stack.


Decentro uses response keys to propagate multiple scenarios as part of the transaction flow or at each API level. The same is outlined across the user verification stack below.

Validate VPA (UPI-ID)

Response keysScenarios
success_UPI_id_validThe given UPI-ID is valid.
success_UPI_id_invalidThe given UPI-ID is invalid.
error_unsanitized_valuesUnsanitized values detected for key(s): upi_id. Kindly sanitize the corresponding values by removing special characters such as . @ # $ % ^ & * ! ; : ' " ~ ` ? = + ) ( and retry.
error_missing_UPI_idUPI-ID (Virtual Payment Address) cannot be null or empty. Hint : upi_id (string).
error_invalid_UPI_id_formatUPI-ID (Virtual Payment Address) is not in valid format. Please try again with valid UPI-ID.
error_invalid_reference_idRequest reference id is not of type string.
error_duplicate_reference_idDuplicate Request Reference ID.
error_missing_reference_idRequest reference id cannot be null or empty. Hint: reference_id (string).
error_invalid_typeInvalid value entered for type. Type can be either 'basic' or 'advance'.
error_insufficient_commission_balanceInsufficient commission debit account balance.
error_insufficient_prepaid_creditsInsufficient prepaid credits.
error_module_credits_exhaustedYou have consumed your QA credits. Please connect with our team on [email protected] for credit renewal.
error_invalid_UPI_id_data_typeIncorrect UPI-ID data type.
error_invalid_type_data_typeIncorrect validation type data type. Type can either be 'BASIC' or 'ADVANCE'.
error_validation_type_emptyValidation type is empty.
success_UPI_id_failedWhen UPI validation status is failed.
error_provider_feature_unavailableCompany is not on boarded on both ICICI and NPST.
error_provider_errorUnexpected response received from underlying provider.
error_missing_configurationCommission/Credit plan not configured. Please drop a mail to [email protected] to configure the plan.
error_invalid_configurationCommission/Credit plan not configured. Please drop a mail to [email protected] to configure the plan.