Simulation Data

This page gives the simulation data for Validate VPA provided by Decentro as part of the user verification stack.

Validate VPA - Simulation Data

Below is the test data that can be used by platforms to test out standard scenarios for Validate UPI Handle (VPA).

The platform is expected to pass the parameters as-is to get the intended scenario.


Note - Simulation Data

To test Simulation Staging data for Validate VPA, please use the following API Endpoint -

Steps to use this data:

  1. Take the UPI ID from the values shared below depending on the scenario to be tested.
  2. Trigger the validate VPA API with that UPI ID with the required type.
  3. API response will state the validation of the VPA (valid or invalid)
  4. The information about the UPI ID depends on the the type param passed in the request payload.
UPI IDValidation statusTest case
charles.babbage@okhdfcVALIDWhen VPA is valid
alan.turing@oksbiINVALIDWhen VPA is invalid