Simulation Data

This page provides a comprehensive overview of leveraging testbed data to simulate various scenarios within a lending stack.


Decentro offers platform simulation data (dummy data) from an checkout finance integration support standpoint. This enables the platform to simulate a wide array of scenarios without engaging in actual transactions.
To achieve this, the platform utilizes standard request payloads to manage scenarios for each lending API and situation.

API Endpoint

User Journey


Note - Simulation Data

Name: John Doe
Pan: AAAAA1234A
Any number: success KYC/agreement flow

Below Number to be Used for Specific Scenarios

9898989891 - Success facility confirmation
9898989810 - KYC failure
9898989811 - Liveliness failure
9898989812 - Agreement generation failed due to credit line not being approved


Power of UIStreams

The entire user journey will be completed via the web browser.

  1. Pass the user details provided above based on the scenarios to facilitate seamless processing.
  2. If the user is eligible for a loan, grant access to Digilocker for streamlined document management.
  3. Complete the face liveness check to ensure enhanced security and identity verification.
  4. Generate the agreement and e-sign it to expedite the loan approval process.
  5. Initiate a mandate to establish the necessary authorization for loan disbursement.
  6. Generate multiple loan offers based on the user's profile and preferences. The user should select any one offer that best suits their needs.
  7. Once confirmed, disburse the loan amount promptly to fulfill the user's financial requirements.


Interested in trying?

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