Overview & Guide


Prepaid instruments are a variant of card instruments that can facilitate multiple use cases spanning Personal Finance Management (PFM), Expense management, financial planning, Neobanking, etc. Decentro has partnered with multiple PPI issuers; Transcorp and LivQuik (more in the pipeline) for platforms to launch with the issuer of their choice.

Decentro powers platforms to launch co-branded or mono-branded card programs with any of its issuers with minimal hassles and effort. Decentro manages the entire lifecycle from onboarding to go-live while the platform can focus on customer experience.

Program Types

Decentro typically powers 2 types of programs across all its PPI programs.

  • Mono-branded: These are programs that are run by a platform on a PPI issuerโ€™s program only. Any cards, physical or virtual issued under these programs cannot have the platformโ€™s logo on the card
  • Co-branded: These are programs that are run by a platform with a PPI issuer where the platformโ€™s logo is fully visible on the card.

Program Funding: The platform (merchant) can load funds directly into the wallet using the pool account provided by Decentro or load funds using the associated Virtual Account.

Our Partners

The underlying PPI providers that we have for this module include.

  • LivQuik (live)
  • Transcorp (live)
  • and more in the pipeline

This module has APIs to enable your business to launch its own co-branded or white-label prepaid cards or wallets with any of our partner PPI issuers below.

Detailed flow of APIs can be found under Wallets & Cards Flow