Banking (Fabric)

This section provides customers with a clear understanding of the transactions on Banking Stack, also referred to as Fabric at Decentro. This section comprises two sub-sections -

  • KYC
  • Financial Services (Bytes)




Please refer to KYC page within Dashboard to access the features.

KYC, a sub-section under Banking, mainly deals with identity verification, extraction, document forensics, face forensics, data forensics, etc.

Here's a list of features available in Banking -> KYC:

  • KYC Validate
  • Aadhaar XML
  • CKYC
  • Face Match
  • Match Engine
  • ID Classification
  • Video Liveness
  • Aadhaar Masking
  • DigiLocker (Old Flow + SSO Flow)
  • Credit History

Financial Services



Please refer to Financial Services page within Dashboard to access the features.

The Financial Services sub-section under Banking deals with credit-related information for individuals. There are two core features of Financial Services:

  • Credit Report
  • Customer Data Pull