Generate Credit Report


UAT Test Data

Real user data is only available in the production environment. In order to properly evaluate Decentro's Financial Services module on the staging / UAT environment, consider using our UAT test data linked here.

Credit Bureau is an agency that collects information related to the credit ratings of individuals and makes it available to financial companies, banks, and other legal authorities.

Our partner bureaus -

  • Equifax and more in the pipeline

Parameters and Description

Generate and Fetch Credit Reports using detailed parameters or just using Mobile numbers and Names.
Basis the request payload, Decentro hits the relevant report in the backend accordingly.

Address Type

Address TypeCode

Inquiry Purpose

Inquiry PurposeCode


Generate PDF of Credit Report Summary

Now you can generate a PDF document of the credit report summary that will be provided in base64 format in the response. To use this feature, toggle the generate_pdf optional key to true.

Sample API

    "reference_id": "ABCDEF12345",
    "consent": true,
    "consent_purpose": "for bank verification only",
    "name": "Manish Gupta",
    "date_of_birth": "YYYY-MM-DD",
    "address_type": "H",
    "address": "some_physical_address",
    "pincode": "641045",
    "mobile": "8122244434",
    "inquiry_purpose": "PL",
    "document_type": "PAN",
    "document_id": "ABCDE1234F",
    "generate_pdf": false
    "decentroTxnId": "XXXXXXXX",
    "status": "SUCCESS",
    "responseCode": "S00000",
    "message": "Credit Report fetched successfully",
    "data": {
        "cCRResponse": {
            "status": "1",
            "cIRReportDataLst": [
                    "cIRReportData": {
                        "iDAndContactInfo": {
                            "personalInfo": {
                                "name": {
                                    "fullName": "VIJAY MALLYA",
                                    "firstName": "VIJAY",
                                    "lastName": "MALLYA "
                                "dateOfBirth": "YYYY-MM-DD",
                                "gender": "Male",
                                "age": {
                                    "age": "XXX"
                                "totalIncome": "XXXXXX",
                                "occupation": "SALARIED"
                            "identityInfo": {
                                "pANId": [
                                        "seq": "1",
                                        "reportedDate": "XXXX-XX-XX",
                                        "idNumber": "XXXXXX"
                                "passport": [
                                        "seq": "1",
                                        "reportedDate": "XXXX-XX-XX",
                                        "idNumber": "XXXXXXXX"
                            "addressInfo": [
                                    "seq": "1",
                                    "reportedDate": "YYYY-MM-DD",
                                    "address": "XXXXX",
                                    "state": "XX",
                                    "postal": "XXXXXX",
                                    "type": "Primary"
                            "phoneInfo": [
                                    "seq": "1",
                                    "typeCode": "H",
                                    "reportedDate": "YYYY-MM-DD",
                                    "number": "9999999999"
                            "emailAddressInfo": [
                                    "seq": "1",
                                    "reportedDate": "YYYY-MM-DD",
                                    "emailAddress": "[email protected]"
                        "retailAccountsSummary": {
                            "noOfAccounts": "XX",
                            "noOfActiveAccounts": "X",
                            "noOfWriteOffs": "X",
                            "totalPastDue": "XXXXX",
                            "mostSevereStatusWithIn24Months": "XXXXXXX",
                            "singleHighestCredit": "XXXXXXX",
                            "singleHighestSanctionAmount": "XXXXXX",
                            "totalHighCredit": "XXXXXX",
                            "averageOpenBalance": "XXXXXX",
                            "singleHighestBalance": "XXXXX",
                            "noOfPastDueAccounts": "X",
                            "noOfZeroBalanceAccounts": "X",
                            "recentAccount": "XXXXXX",
                            "oldestAccount": "XXXXXX",
                            "totalBalanceAmount": "XXXXXXXX",
                            "totalSanctionAmount": "XXXXXXXX",
                            "totalCreditLimit": "XXXXX",
                            "totalMonthlyPaymentAmount": "XXXXX"
                        "scoreDetails": [
                                "type": "ERS",
                                "version": "4.0",
                                "name": "ERS4.0",
                                "value": "849",
                                "scoringElements": [
                                        "type": "RES",
                                        "seq": "1",
                                        "code": "803",
                                        "description": "Total Utilization"
                                        "type": "RES",
                                        "seq": "2",
                                        "code": "802",
                                        "description": "Total Credit Exposure"
                                        "type": "RES",
                                        "seq": "3",
                                        "code": "804",
                                        "description": "Credit Card Utilization"
                        "otherKeyInd": {
                            "ageOfOldestTrade": "XX",
                            "numberOfOpenTrades": "X",
                            "allLinesEVERWritten": "XXX",
                            "allLinesEVERWrittenIn9Months": "X",
                            "allLinesEVERWrittenIn6Months": "X"
                        "recentActivities": {
                            "accountsDeliquent": "X",
                            "accountsOpened": "X",
                            "totalInquiries": "X",
                            "accountsUpdated": "X"
    "responseKey": "success_credit_report"


Mobile to Name API

Most lenders report to Credit Bureaus using the full name in the PAN document of the user. Hence, you have higher chances of finding the customers' credit report if you provide the full PAN name of the user.

You may consider using our Mobile to Name API in combination with this API for better success rates.

Response Key Descriptions

decentroTxnIdTransaction ID for the credit report retrieval.
statusOverall status of the credit report retrieval process (e.g., "SUCCESS").
responseCodeResponse code indicating the result of the credit report retrieval (e.g., "S00000" for success).
messageA message providing information about the credit report retrieval process.
dataThe main data container for the credit report information.
cCRResponseThe credit report response container.
statusStatus of the credit report (e.g., "1" for success).
cIRReportDataLstList containing credit report data.
cIRReportDataCredit report data container.
iDAndContactInfoIdentity and contact information container.
personalInfoPersonal information container.
nameContainer for the full name, first name, and last name.
dateOfBirthDate of birth of the individual.
genderGender of the individual.
ageContainer for the age of the individual.
identityInfoContainer for identity information.
pANIdContainer for PAN (Permanent Account Number) information.
addressInfoList of address information, including reported date, address, state, postal code, and type.
phoneInfoList of phone information, including type, reported date, and number.
emailAddressInfoList of email address information, including reported date and email address.
scoreDetailsContainer for credit score details.
typeType of the credit score (e.g., "ERS").
versionVersion of the credit score.
nameName associated with the credit score.
valueNumeric value of the credit score.
scoringElementsList of elements contributing to the credit score.
enquirySummaryContainer for credit inquiry summary information.
purposePurpose of the credit inquiry.
totalTotal number of credit inquiries.
past30DaysNumber of credit inquiries in the past 30 days.
past12MonthsNumber of credit inquiries in the past 12 months.
past24MonthsNumber of credit inquiries in the past 24 months.
recentDate of the most recent credit inquiry.
otherKeyIndContainer for other key indicators.
ageOfOldestTradeAge of the oldest trade.
numberOfOpenTradesNumber of open trades.
allLinesEVERWrittenTotal amount of credit lines ever written.
allLinesEVERWrittenIn9MonthsTotal amount of credit lines ever written in the last 9 months.
allLinesEVERWrittenIn6MonthsTotal amount of credit lines ever written in the last 6 months.
recentActivitiesContainer for recent credit activities.
accountsDeliquentNumber of delinquent accounts.
accountsOpenedNumber of accounts opened.
totalInquiriesTotal number of credit inquiries.
accountsUpdatedNumber of accounts updated.
retailAccountsSummaryContainer for summary information about retail accounts.
noOfAccountsTotal number of retail accounts.
noOfActiveAccountsNumber of active retail accounts.
noOfWriteOffsNumber of retail accounts that have been written off.
totalPastDueTotal amount past due across all retail accounts.
mostSevereStatusWithIn24MonthsMost severe status within the last 24 months.
singleHighestCreditSingle highest credit across all retail accounts.
singleHighestSanctionAmountSingle highest sanctioned amount across all retail accounts.
totalHighCreditTotal high credit across all retail accounts.
averageOpenBalanceAverage open balance across all retail accounts.
singleHighestBalanceSingle highest balance across all retail accounts.
noOfPastDueAccountsNumber of retail accounts that are past due.
noOfZeroBalanceAccountsNumber of retail accounts with zero balance.
recentAccountMost recently opened retail account.
oldestAccountOldest retail account.
totalBalanceAmountTotal balance amount across all retail accounts.
totalSanctionAmountTotal sanctioned amount across all retail accounts.
totalCreditLimitTotal credit limit across all retail accounts.
totalMonthlyPaymentAmountTotal monthly payment amount across all retail accounts.

Request Purpose Mapping

CodeProduct DescriptionSegment
01Auto LoanRetail
02Housing LoanRetail
03Property LoanRetail
04Loan against Shares/Securities RetailRetail
05Personal Loan RetailRetail
06Consumer Loan RetailRetail
07Gold Loan RetailRetail
08Education Loan RetailRetail
09Loan to Professional RetailRetail
10Credit Card RetailRetail
11Lease RetailRetail
12Overdraft RetailRetail
13Two-wheeler Loan RetailRetail
14Non-Funded Credit Facility RetailRetail
15Loan Against Bank Deposits RetailRetail
16Fleet Card RetailRetail
17Commercial Vehicle Loan RetailRetail
18Telco - Wireless RetailRetail
19Telco - Broadband RetailRetail
20Telco - Landline RetailRetail
31Secured Credit Card RetailRetail
32Used Car Loan RetailRetail
33Construction Equipment Loan RetailRetail
34Tractor Loan RetailRetail
35Corporate Credit Card RetailRetail
3AAuto Lease RetailRetail
51Business Loan RetailRetail
52Business Loan-Priority Sector-Small Business RetailRetail
53Business Loan - Priority Sector- Agriculture RetailRetail
54Business Loan - Priority Sector- Others RetailRetail
55Business Non-Funded Credit Facility RetailRetail
56Business Non-Funded Credit Facility - Priority Sector - Small Business RetailRetail
57Business Non-Funded Credit Facility - Priority Sector - Agriculture RetailRetail
58Business Non-Funded Credit Facility - Priority Sector - Other RetailRetail
59Business Loan Against Bank Deposits RetailRetail
60Staff Loan RetailRetail
8ADisclosure RetailRetail
0EMicroFinance Business Loan MFIMFI
1EMicroFinance Personal Loan MFIMFI
2EMicroFinance Housing Loan MFIMFI
3EMicroFinance Others MFIMFI