Decentro provides a detailed and holistic dashboard to any customer who signs up for the same. Decentro's dashboard is designed to allow businesses to harness the capabilities offered by Decentro without any integration effort.

Decentro's onboarding team provides access to the dashboard once all the onboarding formalities are completed on the production environment.

Decentro's dashboard allows you to undertake some of the key actions below.

  • View the history of your API hits across modules
  • View the list of transactions, and their details and update the status in real-time
  • Collect funds using UPI through a payment link or collection request
  • Pay your beneficiaries using any of the supported modes
  • Track the usage of credits and commissions across modules
  • Download reports or transaction details or email them
  • View configured callbacks across modules

If you are an existing customer of Decentro and wish to use the dashboard, please drop us a mail at [email protected].

If the above capabilities excite you and you are yet to sign up, please signup here.