Going Live

How to move from UAT (Sandbox) to Production?

Once you’ve finished the complete integration process and testing and wish to move into the production environment, you can do so by:
a) Reach out to the business manager who has been in touch with you to request them to give you access to the production environment.
b) Write a mail to us at [email protected] and request to be moved to the production environment.

Decentro shares the production credentials as soon as the relevant commercials and agreements are closed. These agreements are standardized but might vary for some specific use cases, especially in the Payments and Cards modules.

What is pricing structure on production?

Decentro charges its customers for success scenarios across modules from the platform. The platform can finalize the final pricing for modules with the concerned business manager who's in touch. If you wish to receive the commercials, please reach out to us at [email protected]

What are the KYC requirements to go to production?

To access the production environment, you will need to share your KYC documents with Decentro. We need the following documents:

  • Entity proof and address proof of the entity Or Certificate of Incorporation
  • PAN Card in the name of the company
  • GSTIN (Where registered)
  • Company Name (Legal Name)
  • KYC Documents of a Director or Authorized Signatory

Decentro might ask for some additional documentation in case of specific scenarios, that are required as per internal and partner compliance requirements.

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